33rd Annual ACM SIGIR Conference


Achieving High Accuracy Retrieval Using Intra-Document Term Ranking
Hyun-Wook Woo, Jung-Tae Lee, Seung-Wook Lee, Hae-Chang Rim (Korea University),
Young-In Song (Microsoft Research Asia)

Aspect Presence Verification Conditional on Other Aspects
Dmitri Roussinov (University of Strathclyde)

Author Interest Topic Model
Noriaki Kawamae

Blog Snippets: A Comments-Biased Approach
Javier Parapar, Jorge López-Castro, Álvaro Barreiro (University of A Coruña)

Can Search Systems Detect Users' Task Difficulty? Some Behavioral Signals
Jingjing Liu, Chang Liu, Jacek Gwizdka,
Nicholas J. Belkin
(Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey)

Capturing Page Freshness for Web Search
Na Dai, Brian D. Davison (Lehigh University)

Clicked Phrase Document Expansion for Sponsored Search Ad Retrieval
Dustin Hillard, Chris Leggetter (Yahoo!)

Closed Form Solution of Similarity Algorithms
Cai Yuanzhe, Miao Zhang, Chris Ding, Sharma Chakravarthy (University of Texas at Arlington)

Comparing Click-through Data to Purchase Decisions for Retrieval Evaluation
Katja Hofmann, Bouke Huurnink, Marc Bron, Maarten de Rijke (University of Amsterdam)

Contextual Video Advertising System Using Scene Information Inferred from Video Scripts
Bong-Jun Yi, Jung-Tae Lee, Hyun-Wook Woo, Hae-Chang Rim (Korea University)

Cross-Language Retrieval Using Link-Based Language Models
Benjamin Roth, Dietrich Klakow (Saarland University)

Cross-Selling Made Possible From Large-Scale Video Ads Collection for Image Monetization
Guwen Feng, Xin-Jing Wang, Lei Zhang, Wei-Ying Ma (Microsoft Research Asia)

Crowdsourcing a Wikipedia Vandalism Corpus
Martin Potthast, Benno Stein (Bauhaus Universität Weimar)

Diversification of Search Results Using Webgraphs
Praveen Chandar, Ben Carterett (University of Delaware)

Effective Query Expansion with the Resistance Based Term Similarity Metric
Shuguang Wang, Milos Hauskrecht (University of Pittsburgh)

Entity Summarization of News Articles
Gianluca Demartini (University of Hannover), Malik M. Saad Missen (Université de Toulouse),
Roi Blanco, Hugo Zaragoza (Yahoo! Research)

Entropy Descriptor for Image Classification
Hongyu Li, Junyu Niu, Jiachen Chen (Fudan University)

Estimating Interference in the QPRP for Subtopic Retrieval
Guido Zuccon, Leif Azzopardi (University of Glasgow), Claudia Hauff (University of Twente),
C.J. "Keith" van Rijsbergen (University of Glasgow)

Evaluating Whole-Page Relevance
Peter Bailey, Nick Craswell, Ryen White, Liwei Chen, Ashwin Satyanarayana,
S.M.M. Tahaghoghi (Microsoft)

Exploiting Click-Through Data for Entity Retrieval
Bodo Billerbeck (Microsoft Research), Gianluca Demartini, Claudiu S. Firan, Tereza Iofciu,
Ralf Krestel (University of Hannover)

Exploring the Use of Labels to Shortcut Search Trails
Ryen White, Raman Chandrasekar (Microsoft Research)

Feature Subset Non-Negative Matrix Factorization and its Applications to Document Understanding
Dingding Wang, Tao Li (Florida International University),
Chris Ding (University of Texas at Arlington)

Flickr Group Recommendation Based on Tensor Decomposition
Nan Zheng, Qiudan Li, Shengcai Liao, Leiming Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Focused Access to Sparsely and Densely Relevant Documents
Paavo Arvola, Jaana Kekäläinen, Marko Junkkari (University of Tampere)

A Framework for BM25F-Based XML Retrieval
Kelly Itakura, Charles L. A. Clarke (University of Waterloo)

From Fusion to Re-ranking: A Semantic Approach
Annalina Caputo, Pierpaolo Basile, Giovanni Semeraro (University of Bari)

Graphical Models for Text: A New Paradigm for Text Representation and Processing
Charu Aggarwal (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), Peixiang Zhao (University of Illinois)

Has Portfolio Theory Got Any Principles?
Guido Zuccon, Leif Azzopardi, C.J. "Keith" van Rijsbergen (University of Glasgow)

Hashtag Retrieval in a Microblogging Environment
Miles Efron (University of Illinois)

HCC: A Hierarchical Co-Clustering Algorithm
Jingxuan Li, Tao Li (Florida International University)

A Hierarchical Pitman-Yor Language Model for Information Retrieval
Saeedeh Momtazi, Dietrich Klakow (University of Saarland)

High Precision Opinion Retrieval Using Sentiment-Relevance Flows
Seung-Wook Lee, Jung-Tae Lee, Hae-Chang Rim (Korea University),
Young-In Song (Microsoft Research Asia)

The Impact of Collection Size on Relevance and Diversity
Marijn Koolen, Jaap Kamps (University of Amsterdam)

Improving Sentence Retrieval with an Importance Prior
Leif Azzopardi (University of Glasgow),
Ronald T. Fernandez, David Losada (University of Santiago de Compostela)

Incorporating Global Information into Named Entity Recognition Systems Using Relational Context
Yuval Merhav (Illinois Institute of Technology) Filipe Mesquita (University of Alberta) Denilson Barbosa (University of Alberta) Wai Gen Yee (Illinois Institute of Technology) Ophir Frieder (Georgetown University)

Inferring User Intent in Web Search by Exploiting Social Annotations
José Conde, David Vallet, Pablo Castells (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)

Intent Boundary Detection in Search Query Logs
Chieh-Jen Wang, Kevin Lin, Hsin-Hsi Chen (National Taiwan University)

Investigating the Suboptimality and Instability of Pseudo-Relevance Feedback
Raghavendra Udupa, Abhijit Bhole (Microsoft Research India)

Language-Model-Based Pro/Con Classification of Political Text
Rawia Awadallah, Maya Ramanath, Gerhard Weikum (Max-Planck Institute)

Late Fusion of Compact Composite Descriptors for Retrieval from Heterogeneous Image Databases
Savvas Chatzichristofis, Avi Arampatzis (Democritus University of Thrace)

Learning the Click-Through Rate for Rare/New Ads from Similar Ads
Kushal Dave, Vasudeva Varma (IIIT Hyderabad)

Learning to Rank Audience for Behavioral Targeting
Ning Liu (Microsoft Research Asia)

Learning to Rank Query Reformulations
Van Dang, Michael Bendersky, W. Bruce Croft (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Learning to Select Rankers
Niranjan Balasubramanian, James Allan (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Linking Wikipedia to the Web
Rianne Kaptein, Jaap Kamps (University of Amsterdam),
Pavel Serdyukov (Delft University of Technology)

Many are Better Than One: Improving Multi-Document Summarization via Weighted Consensus
Dingding Wang, Tao Li (Florida International University)

MEMOSE - Search Engine for Emotions in Multimedia Documents
Kathrin Knautz, Tobias Siebenlist, Wolfgang G. Stock (Heinrich Heine University of Duesseldorf)

A Method to Automatically Construct a User Knowledge Model in a Forum Environment
Ahmad Kardan, Mehdi Garakani, Bamdad Bahrani (Amirkabir University of Technology)

Metrics for Assessing Sets of Subtopics
Filip Radlinski, Nick Craswell, Martin Szummer (Microsoft)

Multi Searcher: Can We Support People to Get Information from Text They Can't Read or Understand?
Farag Ahmed, Andreas Nürnberger (Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg)

Multi-Field Learning for Email Spam Filtering
Wuying Liu, Ting Wang (National University of Defense Technology)

Multi-Modal Query Expansion for Web Video Search
Bailan Feng, Juan Cao, Zhineng Chen, Yongdong Zhang,
Shouxun Lin (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

A Multi-View Approach to Multilingual Document Clustering
Young-Min Kim, Patrick Gallinari (Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6),
Massih-Reza Amini (National Research Council of Canada),
Cyril Goutte (NRC Institute for Information Technology)

On Performance of Topical Opinion Retrieval
Giambattista Amati (Fondazione Ugo Bordoni), Giuseppe Amodeo (University of L'Aquila),
Valerio Capozio, Giorgio Gambosi (University of Rome), Carlo Gaibisso (IASI - CNR)

On the Relationship Between Effectiveness and Accessibility
Leif Azzopardi (University of Glasgow)

Ontology-Enriched Multi-Document Summarization in Disaster Management
Lei Li, Tao Li, Dingding Wang (Florida International University)

Personalize Web Search Results with User's Location
Yumao Lu, Fuchun Peng, Xing Wei, Benoit Dumoulin (Yahoo! Inc.)

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Search Results: Finding Child-Oriented Multimedia Results with collAge
Karl Gyllstrom, Marie-Francine Moens (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

The Power of "Naive" Query Segmentation
Matthias Hagen, Martin Potthast, Christof Bräutigam, Benno Stein (Bauhaus University Weimar)

Predicting Escalations of Medical Queries Based on Web Page Structure and Content
Ryen White, Eric Horvitz (Microsoft Research)

Predicting Query Performance on the Web
Niranjan Balasubramanian (University of Massachusetts Amherst),
Giridhar Kumaran, Vitor Carvalho (Microsoft Corporation)

Predicting Query Potential for Personalization, Classification or Regression?
Chen Chen, Muyun Yang, Sheng Li, Tiejun Zhao, Haoliang Qi (Harbin Institute of Technology)

Probabilistic Latent Maximal Marginal Relevance
Shengbo Guo, Scott Sanner (The Australian National University)

Query Difficulty: User Ratings and System Predictions
Claudia Hauff, Franciska de Jong (University of Twente), Leif Azzopardi (University of Glasgow)

Query Log Analysis in the Context of Information Retrieval for Children
Sergio Duarte Torres, Djoerd Hiemstra (University of Twente),
Pavel Serdyukov (Delft University of Technology)

Query Recovery of Short User Queries: On Query Expansion with Stopwords
Johannes Leveling, Gareth Jones (Dublin City University)

Query Term Ranking Based on Dependency Parsing of Verbose Queries
Jae Hyun Park, W. Bruce Croft (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

A Ranking Approach to Target Detection for Automatic Link Generation
Jiyin He, Maarten de Rijke (University of Amsterdam)

Ranking Entity Facets Based on User Click Feedback
Roelof Zwol, Lluis Garcia Pueyo, Mridul Muralidharan, Börkur Sigurbjörnsson (Yahoo!)

Re-examination on Lam% in Spam Filter
Haoliang Qi, Muyun Yang, Xiaoning He, Sheng Li (Harbin Institute of Technology)

Retrieval System Evaluation: Automatic Evaluation versus Incomplete Judgments
Claudia Hauff, Franciska de Jong (University of Twente)

Robust Music Identification Based on Low-Order Zernike Moment in the Compressed Domain
Li Wei (Fudan University)

S-PLSA+: Adaptive Sentiment Analysis with Application to Sales Performance Prediction
Yang Liu (Shandong University), Xiaohui Yu, Xiangji Huang, Aijun An (York University)

Semi-Supervised Spam Filtering Using Aggressive Consistency Learning
Mona Mojdeh, Gordon V. Cormack (University of Waterloo)

Short Text Classification in Twitter to Improve Information Filtering
Bharath Sriram, David Fuhry, Engin Demir, Hakan Ferhatosmanoglu (Ohio State University)

SIGIR: Scholar vs. Scholars' Interpretation
James Lanagan, Alan F. Smeaton (Dublin City University)

Spatial Relations in Visual Graph Modeling for Image Catergorization
Pham Trong-Ton, Philippe Mulhem (Grenoble INP - LIG), Loic Maisonnasse (TecKnowMetrix)

A Stack Decoder Approach to Approximate String Matching
Juan Huerta (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)

Supervised Query Modeling Using Wikipedia
Edgar Meij, Maarten de Rijke (University of Amsterdam)

A Survey of Patent Analysts' Search Requirements
Leif Azzopardi, James Kelly, Wim Vanderbauwhede (University of Glasgow),
Hideo Joho (University of Tsukuba)

A Survival Modeling Approach to Biomedical Search Result Diversification Using Wikipedia
Xiaoshi Yin, Jimmy Huang (York University)

Text Document Clustering with Metric Learning
Wang Jinlong, Shunyao Wu (Qingdao Technological University),
Gang Li (Deakin University)

Three Web-Based Heuristics to Determine a Person's or Institution's Country of Origin
Markus Schedl, Klaus Seyerlehner, Cornelia Schiketanz, Gerhard Widmer,
Dominik Schnitzer (Johannes Kepler University)

Transitive History-Based Query Disambiguation for Query Reformulation
Karim Filali, Anish Nair, Chris Leggetter (Yahoo!)

A Two-Stage Model for Blog Feed Search
Wouter Weerkamp, Krisztian Balog, Maarten de Rijke (University of Amsterdam)

Unsupervised Estimation of Dirichlet Smoothing Parameters
Jangwon Seo, W. Bruce Croft (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

User Comments for News Recommendation in Social Media
Jia Wang, Qing Li (Southwestern University of Finance & Economics),
Yuanzhu Peter Chen (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Using Dynamic Query Window and Relationship Net for Query Classification
Saket Mengle (Illinois Institute of Technology), Nazli Goharian (Georgetown University)

Using Flickr Geotags to Predict User Travel Behaviour
Maarten Clements, Pavel Serdyukov, Arjen de Vries,
Marcel Reinders (Delft University of Technology)

Using Local Precision to Compare Search Engines in Consumer Health Information Retrieval
Carla Lopes, Cristina Ribeiro (University of Porto)

Using Search Session Context for Named Entity Recognition in Queries
Junwu Du, Yan Cui (Beijing Institute of Technology),
Jun Yan, Zhimin Zhang (Microsoft Research

The Value of Visual Elements in Web Search
Marilyn Ostergren, Seung-yon Yu, Efthimis N. Efthimiadis (University of Washington)

Visual Concept-Based Selection of Query Expansions for Spoken Content Retrieval
Stevan Rudinac, Martha Larson, Alan Hanjalic (Delft University of Technology)

VisualSum: An Interactive Multi-Document Summarization
Yi Zhang, Dingding Wang, Tao Li (Florida International University)

Web Page Publication Time Detection and its Application for Page Rank
Zhumin Chen (Shandong University)

Where to Start Filtering Redundancy? A Cluster-Based Approach
Ronald T. Fernandez, David E. Losada (University of Santiago de Compostela),
Javier Parapar, Alvaro Barreiro (University of A Coruña)

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