33rd Annual ACM SIGIR Conference

Tutorial Program Committee

Tutorial Chair :
Tutorial PC members
  • Eugene Agichtein (Emory University, US)
  • Omar Alonso (Microsoft/Bing.com, US)
  • Maristella Agosti (University of Padova, IT)
  • Nick Craswell (Microsoft, US)
  • Norbert Fuhr (University of Duisburg-Essen, GE)
  • Djoerd Hiemstra (University of Twente, NL) - Chair
  • Jussi Kalgren (Swedish Institute of Computer Science, SW)
  • Birger Larsen (Royal School of Library and Information Science, DK)
  • Thomas Mandl (University of Hildesheim, GE)
  • Donald Metzler (Yahoo!, US)
  • Marie-Francine Moens (Univeristy of Leuven, BE)
  • Jian-Yun Nie (University of Montreal, CA)
  • Paul Ogilvie (mSpoke, US)
  • Maarten de Rijke (University of Amsterdam, NL)
  • Ian Ruthven (University of Strathclyde, UK)
  • James G. Shanahan (AT&T Interactive, US)
  • Arjen P. de Vries (Centrum Wiskunde & informatica, NL)
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